Continuous innovation is at the core of all that we do. It is at the heart of the company's mission to improve outcomes for our customers and their clients. In a world in which the volume of data being captured is doubling every two years, there are huge opportunities to innovate through better data, analytics and information-driven services. Our businesses are poised to identify these opportunities through deep customer understanding and an ability to execute, combining high quality content and data with analytics and technology to build world-class solutions. These solutions are built on global platforms which enable us to increase scalability and reliability, as well as lower costs. 

We take a broad view of innovation, seeking not only to deliver innovative products and events, but also improved processes and new business models. Through these other forms of innovation we provide better service and value to customers, allowing us to contribute to organic revenue growth and build value for shareholders. Our philosophy is to seek innovation wherever we can, drawing on a large pool of knowledge and expertise within as well as beyond our own company, collaborating with suppliers and partners.

Innovation is one of our core values, shared by all employees across all the businesses. We continue to recruit talented, creative people who think critically and seek to make a positive impact through innovation for their customers and co-workers.

Through innovations that improve customer outcomes such as better access to the latest medical research, quicker and more accurate location of criminals and terrorists, and more effective identification of money laundering activities, we aim not only to deliver value for its customers but also to benefit society at large.