In 2016, we surveyed more than 162,000 customers through Net Promoter Score (measuring customer advocacy) and business dashboard programmes. This allows us to deepen our understanding of customer needs and drives improvements. Results are reviewed by the CEO and senior operational managers and communicated to staff. To aid colleagues, during the year our CR as a Sales Tool Working Group produced short videos on the competitive advantage of our CR focus, with advice on how to engage customers on CR issues, helping build deeper relationships through discussion of shared values.

Our cross-business Editorial Policy Working Group pursued opportunities to highlight the Editorial Policy in action in the year, including in a video webinar by Richard Horton, Editor of The Lancet who spoke on the importance of editorial independence in the face of challenges. In 2016, we recorded training on the Editorial Policy for our Socially Responsible Supplier Academy.

We advanced our Quality First Principles (QFPs) in the year, completing 28 QFP self-assessments. We recorded new video offerings on the QFPs for teams across the Group and updated the Principles to take account of new areas such as customer support and supplier management, in addition to content and data.

Our operations in the Philippines are working toward submitting a bid for a Philippines Quality Award in 2017 which involves demonstrating excellence in managing and delivering quality throughout the business.

We are committed to improving access to our products and services for all users, regardless of physical ability. Our Accessibility Policy aims to lead the industry in providing accessibility solutions to customers with products that are operable, understandable and robust. In 2016, members of the Accessibility Working Group logged over 150 accessibility projects and Elsevier’s Global Books Digital Archive fulfilled more than 4,300 disability requests, 15% of them through, a service it helped establish. In 2016, we pursued our tiered model for accessibility, with the support of Chief Technology Officers across the business. In the year, we won the Accessible Books Consortium Accessibility Award at London Book Fair’s International Excellence Awards 2016.

2016 OBJECTIVES Achievement
Expand Quality First Principles (QFPs) beyond content and data to other areas such as customer support
  • Expansion to customer support, supplier management and other areas
  • Launched series of short, shareable videos – 3 Minutes on Quality – on global intranet
New CR as a Sales Tool offerings, including video content
  • New brief videos for customer - facing staff introduced as well as longer town hall by CR Director
  • Outreach to key customer groups including law school students and firms
Hold 15 accessibility feedback sessions to engage people with disabilities
  • 15 accessibility feedback sessions held, e.g. Elsevier Scopus/SciVal accessible chart function tests with blind users; results presented at CSUN 2016 International Conference on Accessibility
  • Audio descriptions for blind users of Elsevier Animation Collection which provide 3D visualisations of body systems
  • Over 140 individual accessibility projects logged across the company
  • Pursue Philippine Quality Award as a demonstration of drive for quality excellence
  • Create role plays for sales staff showing CR as a Sales Tool in action
  • Improve reporting on compliance with customer accessibility requests

Increase our customer base across our four business units through active listening and engagement, and a focus on editorial and quality standards, and accessibility

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