We require our suppliers to meet the high standards we set for ourselves. Our Supplier Code of Conduct stipulates adherence to all laws and best practice in areas such as human rights, labour and the environment. Through our Socially Responsible Supplier (SRS) database, in 2016 we tracked 383 key suppliers and those located in a high-risk country as designated by our Supplier Risk Tool which incorporates eight indicators, including human trafficking information from the US State Department and Environmental Performance Index results produced by Yale and Columbia universities. The tracking list changes year-on-year based on the number of suppliers we do business with who meet the required criteria. We started 2016 with 88% of suppliers on the SRS tracking list as signatories to the Supplier Code and reached 89% by year end, including 96% considered core (18% of the total are suppliers who have provided internal codes in lieu, which we believe to be as effective as our own). We have embedded signing the Supplier Code into our e-sourcing tool as a criterion for doing business with us, and have an additional 2,500 suppliers who have signed the Supplier Code.

Specialist supply chain auditors, Intertek, undertook 89 external audits of suppliers located in high-risk countries as part of their comprehensive Workplace Conditions Assessment and Corrective and Preventative Actions programme. Any incidence of non-compliance identified in the audit process triggers a corrective action plan agreed with the supplier, with remediation required on all issues.

The roll-out of our US Supplier Diversity programme continued in 2016 with efforts to increase the number of diverse suppliers invited to bid on relevant sourcing projects. The process has resulted in an increased spend to $317m with diverse suppliers. Feedback is provided to diverse suppliers after the competitive bidding process to improve their opportunities for development.

2016 OBJECTIVES Achievement
Increase core suppliers as signatories to the Supplier Code
  • 96% core (minimum goal 95%)
  • 89% total tracking list (goal 85%)
Use Corrective and Preventative Actions tool to ensure continuous improvement in audit results
  • 89 Workplace Conditions Assessment (WCA) and (CAPA) audits completed (goal 80)
Continue to advance US Supplier Diversity programme
  • Increased diverse spend to $317m
  • 12.7% diversity spend (US rolling 4 quarters at Q3 2016)
  • Increase number of suppliers as Code signatories
  • Continue using Corrective and Preventative Actions tool to ensure continuous improvement in audit results
  • Continue to advance US Supplier Diversity and Inclusion programme

Reduce risk by ensuring adherence to our Supplier Code of Conduct through training, auditing and remediation; strengthening supplier relationships through partnerships

United States Government Contractors : Reporting Waste, Fraud or Abuse

Per a recent amendment to the Federal Acquisition Regulation, employees and subcontractors are advised that they are not prohibited or restricted from lawfully reporting waste, fraud or abuse related to the performance of a US government contract to a designated investigative or law enforcement representative of a federal department or agency authorized to receive such information. Accordingly, no Company policy, statement or confidentiality obligation shall be construed as restricting an employee or subcontractor from doing so.

Privacy and Data Protection

We expect suppliers that collect or access personal information as part of their services to us to comply with all applicable obligations set forth in the RELX Group Privacy and Data Protection Requirements for Suppliers or as otherwise instructed by RELX Group. We make updates to our Requirements from time to time to ensure our suppliers are subject to current requirements on privacy and data protection.

Certain RELX Group U.S. entities have certified to the Privacy Shield frameworks with respect to personal information transferred from Europe as described in their Privacy Shield certification. Our Requirements were updated on 16 June 2017 to add new data protection requirements imposed on their suppliers and other third parties receiving such personal information under Privacy Shield as well as to clarify certain terms.

Suppliers processing personal information on behalf of RELX Group on or after 16 June 2017 are subject to the 16 June 2017 version of the Requirements unless otherwise agreed with RELX Group.

Privacy and Data Protection Requirements for Suppliers – English – 16 June 2017

Privacy and Data Protection Requirements for Suppliers – English – 3 June 2014

Privacy and Data Protection Requirements for Suppliers – Chinese (Simplified) – 3 June 2014

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