Our employees, from across our businesses, share their unique perspectives on corporate responsibility and why it matters to them. You can read their stories below.

Quality First: A Focus on Preventing Problems
Tracy Owens, Director of Continuous Improvement, LexisNexis Legal & Professional
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My job: keeping data safe at RELX Group
Robin Sundaram, VP Information Assurance and Data Protection, Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions
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Data center efficiency at RELX Group
Stephanie Singer, VP, Global Data Center Facilities & Service Continuity
"When it comes to running RE data center facilities, we are constantly exploring ways to minimize our environmental impact." Read more

Supporting the effort to bring missing kids home
Trish McCall, Program Manager HPCC Systems & ADAM Program Director, LexisNexis Risk Solutions
"It is amazing to see how much the ADAM Program has grown since its inception with the help and support of the RELX Group family." Read more

Embedding the Rule of Law
Gaythri Raman
"In October 2013 I had the pleasure of traveling to Myanmar on behalf of my LexisNexis Legal & Professional colleagues to help embed the rule of law as a cornerstone of the country’s transition to democracy." Read more

"The value of accessibility"
Robert Howells, Website Manager - UK EMEA Health Solutions
"Prior to joining Elsevier I worked for seven years building and managing websites in the social care sector. What I bring to Elsevier from working in social care is a commitment to ensuring accessibility is central to my projects." Read more

"Helping Chinese researchers write papers in English"
Hugo Zhang Hugo Zhang, Director of Government Affairs, RELX Group China
"When I joined the Elsevier Science and Technology team in 2007, what most excited me was visiting Chinese journal editors, board members and researchers – I loved it." Read more

"Diversity and inclusion make a difference"
Sonia Rodriguez Sonia Rodriguez, VP, Human Resources, RELX Group Technology Services
"When I was asked to join the RELX Group Diversity and Inclusion working group in December of 2010, I was delighted to be involved with this initiative. Diversity and inclusion is important to me professionally and personally." Read more

"Keeping ahead of the sustainability curve"
Piers Kelly Piers Kelly, Operations Director, Reed Exhibitions UK
"I first became interested in sustainability issues a few years ago. There was a drive within the events industry to improve sustainability, which came about as part of winning the 2012 London Olympics." Read more

"Making the published work accessible to everyone"
Ted Gies Ted Gies, Principal User Experience Specialist, Elsevier
"Imagine going to your favourite website or service and suddenly finding you are not able to read any of the content. This is the experience some people have if a site has not been designed with accessibility – or universal access – in mind." Read more

"Engaging customers on climate change changed my thinking"
Pat Cannon Pat Cannon, Director Content Development, LexisNexis Legal & Professional
"CR has many benefits, for example, the satisfaction of doing the right thing. A business trip to Seattle resulted in an inspirational story to tell my sons and the realisation that LexisNexis is uniquely positioned to advance CR." Read more

"Why we should give old law books a chance"
Katrina Crossley Katrina Crossley, Head of Editorial Co-ordination, LexisNexis Legal & Professional
"As a law student in the UK the availability of textbooks was something I took for granted – the enlightening words of eminent professors and practitioners helping me to get to grips with the essentials of the law. Such was the impact of those weighty tomes that not only did they help me to qualify, but they set me off on a path that was to turn me into a legal publisher." Read more

"Preparing the weather for Copenhagen"
Richard HortonRichard Horton, Editor, The Lancet
"“Climate change is the biggest global health threat of the 21st century.” This conclusion, published in May 2010, announced the launch of The Lancet’s first International Commission, an initiative to partner with leading academic institutes to investigate critical health predicaments facing the world." Read more