Climate change statement

Climate change is an important issue to RELX Group. We agree with the scientific community’s opinion that human activity is affecting global warming and we back the globally recognised target of an 80% absolute reduction in CO2 emissions by 2050. We support mitigation activities to reduce climate change, including reducing deforestation and protecting rainforests. We believe adaptation to cope with changes in climate is also necessary.

We are committed to reducing the impact our activities have on climate through proactive measures including:

  • understanding our environmental footprint
  • setting and striving to meet our environmental reduction targets
  • working with suppliers to reduce the impact of our products and services; providing information to other stakeholders
  • partnerships with industry, government, and non-governmental organisations to support mitigation of, and adaptation to climate change
  • advocating ambitious, robust, and equitable policies on climate change that respond credibly to the scale and urgency of the crisis
  • utilising our own environmental expertise
We continue to publish unbiased peer reviewed articles, legal advice, and other content, and also host exhibitions around climate change related issues. We aim to inform debate, aid decision makers, and encourage research and development on climate change.

March 2016