Production paper has decreased by 22% since 2010 as we deliver more of our products online, reflecting a circular economy approach to conducting our business. We continue to reduce waste and the environmental impact of producing our products through measures such as smaller print runs, litho over digital printing, print on demand and lighter papers where possible.

As founding members of PREPS, we have helped create the PREPS database to capture the technical specifications of the pulps and forest sources of our papers. Each paper is given stars according to sustainability criteria: one (unknown or unwanted material), three (known and responsible) or five (recycled, Forest Stewardship Council or Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification certified). The grading system was initially developed by PREPS member Egmont UK Ltd and sustainability consultants Carnstone, along with input from Greenpeace and WWF.

Our Paper Policy commits us to increasing the proportion of paper we buy with recycled and certified content and to only purchase PREPS Grade 3 or 5 paper wherever possible. In the year, we introduced a target to achieve 100% of papers graded on PREPS as Grade 3 or 5. With help from our paper suppliers, by the close of 2015, 91% of the Group’s papers by weight were graded on PREPS, 100% of which achieved Grade 3 or 5. PREPS is now the largest paper database in the world with nearly 830 papers from 234 mills; our paper is graded by PREPS as time allows. Our procurement colleagues receive regular training on the PREPS database.