Throughout 2014 we made good progress toward reaching our 2015 targets, achieving our goals for Scope 1, Scope 2, office energy use intensity and data centre energy efficiency. In the year, we initiated a two-phased approach to setting new environmental targets for 2015–2020. The first phase, the result of an internal review, focused on material environmental issues, and was completed in the year. It confirmed prioritisation of areas such as electricity consumption and waste and recycling. The second phase, taking place in 2015, will involve consultation with internal and external stakeholders and result in updated quantitative targets.

We agree with scientific opinion that we must reduce the total quantity of absolute greenhouse gases in the atmosphere – as stated in our environmental publications, such as Elsevier’s Global Environmental Change – but as our business continues to expand, intensity targets provide a better indication of our efficiency and relative performance and allow for comparisons. We will, however, continue to show results in both absolute and intensity terms.
In the longer term, we aim by 2020 to achieve 100% of our electricity from renewables or Renewable Energy Certificates, and zero waste to landfill at key locations under our control.

To realise efficiencies, we work with Environmental Champions and dedicated engineering, design and construction specialists to identify reduction opportunities wherever possible in our portfolio. We engage employees in our reduction efforts by creating competition between offices through our Environmental Standards programme.