LexisNexis promotes the Rule of Law

​In April 2014, LexisNexis UK launched My Legal Places, a free legal app for the iPhone. The app enables police stations, law courts, Citizen Advice Bureau and community legal offices in the UK to be located quickly and easily.

After selecting the service required, the application provides the user with a number of possible options, in both a list and map format. The map identifies key locations, with easily identifiable customised icons, that can be bookmarked. This application enables the user to locate and get in touch with the right service in the way they want to, when and where they need it.

Simon Collin, LexisNexis Director of Content, commented: “At LexisNexis we are committed to promoting the Rule of Law and supporting access to justice. We recognise that legal issues are often unpredictable and require immediate response, and many people find themselves in unfamiliar and difficult circumstances, often unsure of their legal rights. My Legal Places app provides people with the tools to find the services that can offer this help quickly and easily, while also helping to promote the services that deliver it.”

The application is being used as a valuable research tool in legal projects. By viewing legal services in different areas, users can effectively compare services available, providing a starting point to look at possible effects and trends.

My legal Places