Reed Elsevier contributes to Typhoon Haiyan disaster relief

On Friday 8 November, 300-mile wide Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines, causing catastrophic damage. Our thoughts are with the residents, our colleagues, and their families.

29 Nov - As part of our disaster relief efforts Reed Elsevier and its businesses, including Reed Elsevier Shared Services Philippines, are donating a combined total of $45,000, to the International Red Cross.

Many of our offices around the world are also holding employee fundraising collections to supplement these corporate donations.

Márcia Balisciano, Director of Corporate Responsibility at Reed Elsevier said, “We have over 1000 employees based in the Philippines, so the disaster has real resonance for us.  Our thoughts are with all affected by the tragedy as well as our colleagues, their friends and family in the region.  While relief efforts are underway, reconstruction will take time which is why we believe it’s important to take action to support those in the Philippines now.”

In addition to donating funds to the relief appeal, Elsevier has announced that it will provide free access to medical information to disaster relief workers and healthcare professionals in the Philippines via the ClinicalKey product for 60 days.

Elsevier is also participating in the National Library of Medicine’s Emergency Access Initiative (EAI) providing access to content from multiple publishers, including nearly 100 Elsevier journals, during the four-week free access period.

The EAI provides free access to full-text articles from over 650 biomedical serial titles and over 4,000 reference books and online databases to healthcare professionals and libraries affected by disasters. It serves as a temporary collection replacement for libraries affected by disasters that need to continue to serve medical staff and users. For further details visit:

“Situations like these require communities to band together to provide much-needed resources”, said Gerrit Bos, Elsevier’s Managing Director for the Health Sciences Division in Asia Pacific.  “As a provider of health, medical and patient care information, Elsevier is opening up our ClinicalKey database to frontline aid and medical workers to support their relief efforts during this challenging time.”
To access ClinicalKey, healthcare and disaster aid workers in the Philippines should select the Register link on

To donate to the International Red Cross Typhoon Haiyan appeal click here.