Elsevier and Carbon War Room to unlock renewable fuel market for airlines and investors

5 December 2011

Sir Richard Branson has unveiled the world's first online market information service which analyses the leading companies set to produce commercial scale renewable fuel for aviation.

RenewableJetFuels.org is a joint initiative between Carbon War Room , a Branson funded non-profit that harnesses the power of entrepreneurs to unlock gigaton solutions to climate change, and Elsevier, the world's leading scientific publisher.

Launched and maintained by Carbon War Room and powered by Elsevier Biofuel TechSelect™, RenewableJetFuels.org will scrutinise renewable jet fuel supply chain companies.  The database is designed to contain the top 2000 bioenergy-related companies.  Investors, engineers, operators and fuel buyers can use this data to compare suppliers on technical performance, economic viability, carbon footprint, and overall sustainability.

Initial results show that only one third of the companies claiming to have the potential to deliver large-scale amounts of low carbon renewable jet fuel are credible from an economic, scalable and sustainability perspective, in their current state.  In the next five years, some renewable jet fuel companies could be producing enough renewable fuel to replace 10-20% of the fuel of a typical mid-sized airline.

"One important way to reduce carbon output from airlines all over the world is to have viable renewable alternatives to jet fuel.  The Carbon War Room saw that there was a gap in information regarding the available options and an opportunity to mobilise airlines to come together to support the most promising solutions through investment," said Sir Richard Branson.  "This unique approach by the Carbon War Room and Elsevier is providing a wonderful platform for airlines and renewable jet fuel suppliers to come together to accelerate the delivery of cleaner approaches to air travel."

Elsevier Biofuel TechSelect™, which constitutes the main database behind RenewableJetfuels.org, was designed to contain up to 2,000 bioenergy supply chain companies, incorporating a range of technologies including waste-to-energy and algae.  Hundreds of interviews with decision makers in alternative energy brought to light the lack of reliable information that keeps viable technologies from being implemented.  This is especially the case in the biofuels industry.  By offering information selected, structured, and reviewed by experts, Elsevier aims to remove those barriers.

"The development of tools such as Elsevier Biofuel Techselect™ illustrate the transition of our company from being a content provider to an information solutions provider, and the increased relevance of our products and services to researchers and professionals in the corporate world," said Ron Mobed, CEO Science & Technology, Elsevier.  "And it is especially exciting to make these tools available to support the deployment of alternative energy technologies and help address issues that truly matter on a global scale.  No single organisation can tackle these issues alone, and by partnering with Carbon War Room we can make our information resources available to corporate decision makers who need high quality information to make well-informed decisions."

To find out more email aviation@carbonwarroom.com.