Elsevier volunteers to boost Tanzanian research

The Elsevier Foundation has just launched a new volunteering project for Elsevier employees. “Publishers Without Borders,” as the program has affectionately been dubbed, will run for two years and enable eight experienced colleagues to share their knowledge first-hand with Tanzanian scientists, librarians, research managers and publishers. Each volunteer will spend a total of 4 weeks in Tanzania providing training in their areas of expertise, which will range from peer review to quality control, copyright, contracts, acquisitioning, commissioning, marketing, sales, design, production, digitization, online formats, platforms and open access.

The new skills-based volunteer program is the result of a collaboration between the Elsevier Foundation, Voluntary-Services Overseas (VSO), INASP and the Tanzanian Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH).

Ylann Schemm, Program Director of the Elsevier Foundation, noted that the program—whose official name is Strengthening Indigenous Academic and Digital Publishing in Tanzania—“will enable us to make direct contributions to Tanzania’s research culture. It also reinforces our substantial expertise and investment in research-capacity building in developing countries with the Elsevier Foundation’s Innovative Libraries program, Research4Life and BookAid International partnerships.”