The Lancet’s new journal on global health

May 2013

In June, The Lancet will launch its first gold open-access title, The Lancet Global Health. The new journal will focus on low- and middle-income nations, and publish original research, commentary, correspondence and blogs on topics such as reproductive and child health; infectious and non-communicable diseases, mental health, the global health workforce and public health.

The first Lancet global health series on child survival, published 10 years ago, was a groundbreaking piece of research but also represented an unprecedented movement for global change.

It showed that 10m children were dying each year before their fifth birthday, but that two-thirds of these deaths could be prevented by simple measures such as exclusive breastfeeding and the provision of oral rehydration solution. These issues are now the focus of two of the eight UN Millennium Development Goals.

Gold Open Access

The Lancet Global Health is the first gold open access journal for The Lancet. There will be no subscriptions or registration barriers, and authors will retain copyright on all material published in this online journal.

Because the journal will be publishing papers that are most relevant to those working in low- and middle-income countries, the free availability of the content is an obvious advantage.

The journal will be financed by a publication fee levied on the funders of accepted research papers, but if these funders are based in low-income countries, the fee will be waived.

Content and quality

Like existing Lancet titles, this journal will focus on providing timely, influential articles that are relevant to clinical practice. Emphasis will be given to local, context-specific research with regional or global implications, and the intention is to provide a voice for researchers who do locally relevant research to influence global debates.

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