LexisNexis South Africa advances the Rule of Law in Mauritius

23 January 2012

LexisNexis South Africa is helping to advance the rule of law on the African continent.  One recent milestone was making the laws of Mauritius accessible to its citizens for free.  This special project offers every citizen of Mauritius direct access to legislation at anytime.

Citizens’ Free Access is a new concept in online publishing which makes the laws of a country freely available, not only to legal professionals but to every citizen.  LexisNexis South Africa’s support for Mauritius dates back to 2005, when the company first began to provide publishing services in the country. 

Paul Worsnip, Chief Financial Director for LexisNexis South Africa, said, “Throughout developing countries it not always possible for the average citizen or business, and in some cases even legal professionals, to have access to laws or legal decisions.  Where both the legal profession and the citizens of the country have no clarity or certainty on the content or the application of the law, it poses overwhelming challenges.”

The importance of citizens having access to complete, accurate and up to date legislation and case law is increasingly important to help them make informed decisions and to participate in the political process.  It is also the foundation of a transparent legal system, a fundamental necessity for the Rule of Law.  LexisNexis South Africa will be working to expand this work in other countries.