Reducing our forest footprint

March 2012

Reed Elsevier has achieved recognition for the second consecutive year by the Forest Footprint Disclosure (FFD) for clear disclosure of its practices related to deforestation.

The FFD highlights the business case for ensuring sustainable forest use.  Too many businesses knowingly, or unknowingly, cause deforestation through timber harvesting, cattle rearing, and soy, palm oil and biofuel crops. 

“More companies need to wake up to the risks deforestation presents in their portfolios.  Who wants to finance the destruction of life on earth, especially when it undermines wealth creation itself?" said FFD chairman, Andrew Mitchell.

Big brand names such as Johnson & Johnson, Tesco UK, and The Walt Disney Company participated this year.  There was also a significant increase in participation by companies in developing markets.

UK firms performed well, filling half of the sector leader spots.  Reed Elsevier, along with British Airways, Drax Group, Greenergy International, Marks and Spencer and J Sainsbury all achieved recognition in their sectors. 

Márcia Balisciano, director of corporate responsibility for Reed Elsevier, notes: "Participating in Forest Footprint Disclosure allows us to benchmark our impact on forests and identify areas for improvement. Going forward, we will continue to work with others, including by expanding data to encompass carbon and water impacts through PREPS (the Publishers' database for Responsible Environmental Paper Sourcing), and helping develop new tools such as the Environmental Action Group's new carbon calculator, BookCarbon."

To find out more, visit the Forest Footprint Disclosure’s website here.