Hearing directly from our people is an important driver for improvement. In 2015, we undertook a global Employee Opinion Survey (EOS) to help us understand staff views. In launching the survey to staff, LexisNexis Legal & Professional CEO Mike Walsh stated it was a “quick and effective way…to provide honest, anonymous feedback about your experience at the company. The one of the most critical feedback sources we use to invest in our people and shape plans within the organisation.” At Elsevier, Adriaan Roosen, Executive Vice President in Operations, explained how major initiatives had been driven by past EOS results, including an “Employability Initiative, which focused on skill-development and knowledge sharing.” We donated $1 to global fundraising partner International Rescue Committee for each completed survey, netting nearly $12,000 for the charity.

CEO Erik Engstrom noted in sharing the results that “we take the survey seriously and clearly so do you. I am pleased to report that an unprecedented 85% of all employees globally shared their views, with participation rates up across all areas of the business. This is the highest response rate we have ever achieved and is a world class performance.” He detailed that combined results across the Group showed excellent progress since the last survey in 2012, with increases in employee engagement, an increased net promoter score (indicating an increased likelihood employees would recommend working for the company), an increase in confidence about the quality of our products and services, and innovation. Where results showed areas for improvement, he said they would be shared with and addressed “department by department, team by team and location by location.” 84% of staff said RELX Group is a company that treats them with respect and fairness.