LexisNexis Risk Solutions

LexisNexis Risk Solutions provides data and analytics that enable its customers to evaluate and manage risks associated with transactions and improve performance

Risk Solutions is a leading provider of solutions that combine proprietary, public and third-party information, analytics and advanced technology. These solutions assist customers in evaluating, predicting and managing risk and improving operational effectiveness, predominantly in the US.

Total revenues for the year ended 31 December 2011 were £908m. LexisNexis Risk Solutions is headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia and has principal operations in Georgia, Florida, and Ohio, and has 4,000 employees.

LexisNexis Risk Solutions is organised around market facing industry/sector groups: insurance, government, screening, and business services (including the receivables management, financial services and corporate groups), of which insurance is the most significant. These groups are supported by a shared infrastructure providing technology operations, data management, and other support functions including compliance and marketing. A number of transactional support activities, including some financial processes, are provided from a shared services organisation managed by the LexisNexis Legal & Professional business. The Legal & Professional business also distributes Risk Solutions products into legal markets in the US and internationally.

Insurance Solutions
 provides the most comprehensive combination of data and analytics to property and casualty (P&C) personal and commercial insurance carriers in the US to improve critical aspects of their business, from customer acquisition and underwriting to policy servicing and claims handling. Information solutions, including the US’s most comprehensive personal loss history database C.L.U.E., help insurers assess risks and provide important inputs to underwriting policy. Recently introduced products include Data Prefill, which provides accurate information directly into the insurance workflow on customers, potential customers and their auto ownership, and Current Carrier, which identifies current or previous insurance as well as any lapses in coverage.

Business Services provides financial institutions with risk management, identity verification, fraud detection, credit risk management, and compliance solutions. These include “know your customer” and anti-money laundering products. The business provides risk and identity management solutions for corporate customers in retail, telecommunications and utilities sectors. Receivables management solutions help debt recovery professionals in the segmentation, management and collection of consumer and business debt. The Risk Solutions business also provides identity verification and risk related information to the legal industry.

Government Solutions provides investigative solutions to US federal, state and local law enforcement and government agencies to help solve criminal and intelligence cases and to identify fraud, waste and abuse in government programmes.

Screening Solutions ffocuses on employment-related, resident and volunteer screening, with the largest segment being pre-employment screening services offered across a number of industries including retail, recruitment, banking, and professional services.
During 2011, Risk Solutions sharpened its focus on its data and analytics activities with the sale of the insurance software business, while Reed Elsevier’s acquisition of Accuity complements and enhances Risk Solutions’ offerings in anti-money laundering. There has also been a continued focus on developing a pipeline of new solutions for selected adjacent markets, sectors and geographies.

The identity verification and risk evaluation solutions provided by Risk Solutions utilise a comprehensive database of public records and proprietary information, which is the largest database of its kind in the US market today. LexisNexis Accurint is the flagship risk assessment product, powered by the High Performance Cluster Computing (HPCC) technology. This technology enables Risk Solutions to provide its customers with highly relevant search results swiftly and to create new, low-cost solutions quickly and efficiently. In 2011, Risk Solutions launched an open-source initiative called HPCC Systems to broaden usage, tap the innovation of the development community and to more fully compete in the “big data” market. Response to date has been very positive, with press articles, website traffic, speaking invitations, and source code downloads all significantly ahead of expectations.

Market Opportunities

Risk Solutions operates in markets with strong long term underlying growth drivers: insurance underwriting transactions; insurance, healthcare and entitlement fraud; credit defaults and financial fraud; regulatory compliance and due diligence requirements surrounding customer enrolment and employment; and security considerations.

In the insurance segment, growth is supported by increasing transactional activity in the auto and property insurance markets and the increasing adoption by insurance carriers of more sophisticated data and analytics in the prospecting, underwriting and claims evaluation processes, to determine appropriate risk pricing, increase competitiveness and improve operating cost efficiency. Transactional activity is driven by insurance quoting and switching as consumers seek better policy terms, stimulated by increasing competition between insurance companies, high levels of carrier advertising, and rising levels of internet quoting and policy binding.

In screening, demand is driven mainly by employer hiring activity and, in receivables management, by levels of consumer debt and the prospects of recovering those debts. Both of these markets are linked to employment conditions in the US. A number of factors support growth for risk solutions in the financial services market, including new credit originations, continued high fraud losses, stringent regulatory compliance requirements, and increasing anti-money laundering fines. In corporate markets, demand is supported by growth in online retail sales and continued high levels of credit card fraud. Growth in government markets is driven by the increasing use of data and analytics to combat criminal activity and fraud, and to address security issues. The level and timing of demand in this market is influenced by government funding considerations.

Strategic Priorities

Risk Solutions’ strategic goal is to make businesses and government more effective, through a better understanding of the risks associated with individuals, other businesses and transactions and by providing the tools to help manage those risks. To achieve this, Risk Solutions is focused on: expanding the range of products across customer workflows; leveraging our advanced technology capabilities; delivering innovative new products and expanding the range of risk management solutions across adjacent markets; and addressing international opportunities in selected markets to meet local risk management needs.

Business model, distribution channels and competition 

Risk Solutions’ products are predominantly sold on a transactional basis directly to insurance carriers and corporations, and primarily on a subscription basis to government entities.

Risk Solutions and Verisk sell data and analytics solutions to insurance carriers but largely address different activities. Risk Solutions’ principal competitors in commercial and government sectors include Thomson Reuters and major credit bureaus. Major competitors in pre-employment screening are Altegrity and First Advantage.

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