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Original issuer CUSIP/ISIN Ccy Original Amount (m) Outstanding Amount (m) Maturity Original Tenor Coupon
Reed Elsevier (Investments) plc (1) XS0418995907 GBP 300 300 11 Dec 2017 Long 8yr 7.000%
Elsevier Finance SA (1) CH0212184052 CHF 275 275 18 Dec 2018 5.5yr 1.000%
Reed Elsevier Capital Inc. (1) US758202AG01 USD 950 400 15 Jan 2019 10yr 8.625%
Reed Elsevier (Investments) plc (1) XS1090334563 GBP 300 300 1 Aug 2019 5yr 2.750%
Reed Elsevier Properties SA (1) N/A USD 100 80
22 May 2020 3yr Floating
ELM BV (2) XS0831560742 EUR 550 550 24 Sep 2020 8yr 2.500%
RELX Finance BV (1) XS1576837725 EUR
500  500  22 Mar 2021  4yr  0.375% 
Harcourt General Inc. (3) US41163GAD34 USD 150 43 1 Jun 2022 30yr 8.875%
Reed Elsevier Capital Inc. (1) USU75759AA55
USD 250 950 15 Oct 2022 10yr 3.125%
Reed Elsevier Inc. (1) US758203AA14 USD 150 150 15 Oct 2023 30yr 6.625%
RELX Finance BV (1)  XS1576838376  EUR  500  500  22 Mar 2024  7yr  1.000% 
RELX Capital Inc. (1) XS1231027464 EUR 600 600 12 May 2025 10yr 1.300%
Reed Elsevier Capital Inc. (1) US75820QAC69 USD 150 150 15 May 2025 30yr 7.500%
RELX Finance BV (1) XS1384281090 EUR 750 750 12 May 2026 Long 10yr 1.375%
Harcourt General Inc. (3) US41163GAF81 USD 200 200 1 Aug 2027 30yr 7.200%
Harcourt General Inc. (3) US41163GAG64 USD 150 7 1 Aug 2097 100yr 7.300%

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(1) Joint and severally guaranteed by RELX PLC and RELX NV
(2) Secured over loan notes originally issued by Elsevier Finance SA and novated/assigned to RELX Finance BV in May 2015, and jointly and severally guaranteed by RELX PLC and RELX NV
(3) The debt originally issued by Harcourt General, Inc is not guaranteed by RELX PLC and RELX NV
(4) During 2015 the following company names were changed: Reed Elsevier (Investments) plc to RELX (Investments) plc; Reed Elsevier Inc. to RELX Inc.; Reed Elsevier Capital Inc. to RELX Capital Inc.; and Reed Elsevier Properties SA to RELX Intellectual Properties SA

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