LexisNexis Workplace Productivity Survey reveals extent, impact of information overload on workers

19 October 2010

From Boston to Beijing, professionals feel overwhelmed, demoralized

"Drowning in a sea of information?" An international survey of white collar workers reveals that information overload is a remarkably widespread and growing problem among professionals around the world, and one that exacts a heavy toll on productivity and employee morale.

1,700 white collar workers in five countries - the United States, China, South Africa, United Kingdom and Australia - were asked about their experience of, and attitudes towards, information in the workplace.

The 2010 LexisNexis International Workplace Productivity Survey builds on a similar study conducted in 2008 among professionals in the United States. That study established information overload as a phenomenon driving American white collar and legal professionals towards an ’information breaking point.’ This year, the survey was expanded to include countries in Europe, Asia Pacific and Africa, in order to explore if and how information overload impacts workers across the globe.

The expanded study reveals the pervasive nature of the problem in white collar workforces around the world, and the very real impact that information overload is having on worker productivity, their state of mind and quality of their work product.

Press releases and background materials from all five markets are available on the LexisNexis 2010 International Workplace Productivity Survey multimedia website.