Legal is a leading global provider of legal, regulatory and business information and analytics that help professional customers make more informed decisions, increase productivity and serve their clients better.

We help lawyers win cases for their clients, manage their work more efficiently, and grow their practices. We assist corporations to better understand their markets and prevent bribery and corruption within their supply chains. We aid universities in their efforts to help students become successful legal professionals, and we support governments and courts by making laws accessible and strengthening legal infrastructures. We help collect evidence against war criminals and provide tools to combat human trafficking. We endeavour to advance the rule of law across the world.

LexisNexis Legal & Professional is headquartered in New York and has principal operations in the New York area, Ohio and North Carolina in the US, Toronto in Canada, London and Paris in Europe, and cities in several other countries in Africa and Asia Pacific. It has 10,700 employees worldwide and serves customers in more than 130 countries.

  • More than 10m docket entries are included in Lex Machina, which provides legal analytics to companies and law firms, enabling them to craft successful strategies, win cases, and close business by mining litigation data.
  • More than 27m SEC filings are held in Intelligize, helping securities and M&A professionals find standard language for corporate agreements and identify critical areas for SEC examiners when preparing filings for submission.
  • Almost 4bn people live outside the protection of the rule of law. LexisNexis publishes many of the world’s primary laws. We continue our collaboration with the United Nations to develop the Global Rule of Law Business Principles.
  • More than 20bn connections within the LexisNexis database are continually explored and updated to deliver the latest legal information via computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • 2.4 petabytes of data are held in the LexisNexis Legal & Professional database.

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