RELX NV ordinary shareholders

Shareholder enquiries

Enquiries from holders of RELX NV registered ordinary shares in relation to share transfers, dividends, change of address and bank accounts should be directed to the Company Secretary of RELX NV, at the following registered office address. RELX NV Radarweg 29 P.O. Box 470 1000 AL Amsterdam The Netherlands Telephone +31 (0)20 485 2222 Fax +31 (0)20 485 2032 Email:


Dividends on RELX NV ordinary shares are declared and paid in euros. Registered shareholders in RELX NV will receive dividends from the company by transmission to the bank account which they have notified to the company. Dividends on shares in bearer form are paid through the intermediary of a bank or broker.

Dividend timetable

Dividend reinvestment plan

Shareholders can choose to reinvest dividends by purchasing further shares through the Dividend Reinvestment Plan ("DRIP"). The full details of the Dividend Reinvestment Plan are available to download below.

Dividend Reinvestment Plan

Sub-division of ordinary shares and share consolidation

On 24 April 1984 each RELX NV Dfl 20 ordinary share was sub-divided into five ordinary shares of Dfl 4 each, and on 24 April 1987 each Dfl 4 ordinary share was sub-divided into four ordinary shares of Dfl 1 each. Subsequently, on 4 October 1994 each Dfl 1 ordinary share was sub-divided into 10 ordinary shares of Dfl 0.10 each. On 15 April 1999 the ordinary shares of Dfl 0.10 were redenominated as ordinary shares of €0.06. On 7 January 2008 the existing ordinary shares of €0.06 each were consolidated into new ordinary shares of €0.07 each on the basis of 58 new ordinary shares for every 67 existing ordinary shares held.

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