JurisClasseur, through its encyclopaedias, journals, bound books and online services, has been the definitive reference on the French legal market for more than a century.
Constantly updated and covering all areas of the law, JurisClasseur encyclopaedias are used by all the leading Law Firms, Tax & Accountancy practices, Notary offices and companies, and by all the Law Universities. They provide the most comprehensive and authoritative legal information to drive productive, efficient and reliable decisions: legislation, comments, case law, procedure and forms. JurisClasseur encyclopaedias are complemented by legal journals which bring news and analysis on legal current developments.  

  • The LexisNexis JurisClasseur online service is the largest, most accurate and comprehensive online legal library in France.

  • JurisClasseur has been serving customers since 1907.

  • The brand invented the concept of the legal loose-leaf encyclopaedia in France.
  • JurisClasseur was the first in France to develop a digital legal database in 1972 (JurisData) that still exists on the online platform.
  • 5,000 prestigious authors contribute legal content.
  • Products include: 98 loose-leaf encyclopaedias (over 400 volumes), 32 journals, 59 CDs and DVDs, and more than 150 bound books.
  • All practice areas including: civil, criminal, judicial, tax, employment, company, business, international, public and real-estate law.

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