Lexis Legal Intelligence

All the information lawyers need in one place, in one package

Lexis® Legal Intelligence brings together all of the information lawyers need to work smarter and faster. Primary law, case law, practical guidance, commentary, smart forms and precedents – and even training.

All in one place, all linked together, all to the highest standard.

It’s made up of five different services, but they’re all linked together. So legal professionals can dive in anywhere and hone in on whatever they’re looking for, fast.

It’s helped Andrew & Co to free up 15 per cent research time and save 10 per cent on their annual information services spend.


  • Comprehensive, consolidated legislation – and over 500,000 cases
  • Expert legal analysis and opinion from Butterworths, Tolley and Halsbury’s
  • The *only* online library with Halsbury’s Laws of England


  • Clear, concise summaries – with direct links to Lexis® Library and training
  • Written and edited by specialist solicitors and barristers
  • Legal news and practice notes to keep lawyers in the loop


  • Conferences, seminars and online training for lawyers
  • Earn CPD points without leaving the office


  • Smart forms that take less time to fill
  • Smart precedents that take less time to draft
  • Built by LexisNexis, Adobe and Business Integrity


  • Checks legal references in documents to make sure they’re accurate, up-to-date and in line with the latest law

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Lexis Legal Intelligence