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LexisNexis Legal & Professional understands that the world of the legal professional is rapidly changing. New mobile technologies, tablet devices and unprecedented connectivity are fundamentally altering the day-to-day workflows of every legal professional. These technologies are providing a range of new opportunities for improved legal research, referencing and collaboration tools and productivity applications. They are shaping the future of legal research.

We were recently ranked 12th in the 2012 BRW Most Innovative Companies in Australia for the creation of LexisNexis® Red™, the world's first mobile digital referencing tool designed specifically for the needs of legal practitioners. The LexisNexis Red app allows lawyers and legislators to carry, and instantly access, the most up-to-date legal research and reference materials via their iPad, whether they are online or offline.

Created in close consultation with practitioners from across the profession, LexisNexis Red allows you to carry and reference your LexisNexis digital content on and offline, with automatic updating of new content, advanced referencing, and highlighting functionalities.

LexisNexis Red is one of the first steps on a journey to ensuring our content is at your fingertips wherever you may be, or whatever device you may be using.

For more information on LexisNexis Red and the digital content revolution, feel free to browse our Resources page, where you will find research, articles, white papers, case studies and more.

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