Nexis® is a comprehensive global business information research solution that allows you to gain unique insights and gives you the facts you need to uncover opportunities and efficiently make informed decisions for your organization.

Nexis provides you with access to thousands of sources all via one easy-to-use research interface.

  • Our authoritative content includes:
    • Business and financial news including extensive US, UK and global news coverage
    • Company, biographical and industry intelligence
    • Trade journal and market research materials
    • Legal and regulatory
    • Public records
    • Social media including an extensive blog coverage
  • With Nexis, you are empowered to research, share, analyze and monitor information that is continually updated and archived for up to 35 years.  Nexis provides you with extensive research flexibility including:
    • Advanced and easy search interfaces for various research activities
    • Dedicated search interfaces for specialized content to ensure you get to the most important materials quickly
    • Result mining and customization through powerful indexing capabilities
    • Cross linking across content sets to more efficiently target your research
    • Custom alerts set up on topics of continued interest

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