C.L.U.E.® has changed the dynamics of the US property and casualty insurance industry over the past two decades.  C.L.U.E., the nation's most comprehensive personal loss history database, is a vital tool for pricing insurance policies.  Automobile and property insurers use C.L.U.E. to assess risk and mitigate fraud. 

C.L.U.E. Personal Auto

  • Helps speed the underwriting function by providing quick and easy access to comprehensive data.
  • Multiple delivery systems allow customers to receive results in a timely and reliable fashion.
  • Helps reduce risk and liability by assisting the underwriter in predicting future claims.

C.L.U.E. Personal Property

  • Provides loss history to help insurers qualify applicants and properties for homeowner coverage.
  • Helps insurers charge appropriate premiums and minimise expenses.

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