CPM Resource Center

The CPM Resource Center offers evidence-based clinical practice guidelines, along with interdisciplinary care planning and clinical documentation tools that can be integrated into virtually any electronic health record (EHR). These EHR compatible and web-based solutions help healthcare organisations bring evidence-based clinical guidelines to the point of care, increasing quality of care, ensuring consistency across the continuum of care, and ultimately helping organisations improve patient outcomes.

  • CPM Guidelines integrate evidence-based recommendations and best practices into the workflow of your interdisciplinary care team to help your organisation minimise variance, reduce liability, and improve outcomes.
  • CPM CarePoints combines evidence-based practice guidelines with interdisciplinary care planning and clinical documentation tools, allowing you to incorporate guidance on a wide range of medical, surgical, and human response diagnoses into your EHR.
  • CPM Practice Transformation and Implementation Services help you implement evidence-based interdisciplinary clinical practice as you leverage your organisation’s EHR technology investment, helping your organisation improve outcomes and achieve sustainable success.
  • CPM International Consortium, comprised of nearly 300 client hospitals, health systems, and educational institutions, continuously test, validate, and improve CPM content and solutions.
  • The Clinical Practice Model (CPM) Framework™, the foundation of CPM’s solutions, represents the most comprehensive system of proven clinical practice models available today for providing interdisciplinary, evidence-based care, improving patient safety, and enhancing efficiency and effectiveness at the point of care.

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