Drug and medical device manufacturers and regulatory agencies have a critical need for reliable biomedical research solutions for important work such as drug safety monitoring, pharmacovigilance, and adverse event reporting. Similarly, evidence-based medical decisions can only be made with certainty if researchers have access to all the relevant biomedical information.

Embase provides the most comprehensive and best-organized database of biomedical information, with over 8,300 journals and over 4,200 conference records. The total coverage is currently around 28 million records dating back to 1947, with significantly more drug coverage than PubMed or MEDLINE.

Our expert information professionals index all of the content using terminology from the Emtree life science thesaurus, allowing your team to search with confidence for your products and those of your competitors. This includes medical device and drug trade names, which are linked to manufacturer names and related procedures.

Embase covers all the stages of drug and medical device manufacture and monitoring and supports confident evidence-based medical decisions.
Embase answers these critical questions:

  • Development: Has your team designed the most effective drug or medical device to meet your customers’ needs?
  • Approval: Does your team have all the required information for a successful regulatory submission?
  • Proving benefit: Can you show that your drug or medical device has greater value than its competitors?
  • Maintaining safety: Are you sure your team can identify all the adverse events and perform successful pharmacovigilance for your drug or medical device?


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