Mosby's Nursing Skills

Mosby’s Nursing Skills is the online solution for the best in skills and procedures reference as well as learning and competency management designed to meet the training needs of healthcare institutions today. Over 900 customisable online skills and procedures are available in a user-friendly format to help standardise the way skills are taught, learned and administered.

  • Over 900 nursing skills and procedures with detailed text, summary reviews, tests, checklists, illustrations and video/animation demonstrations.

  • Learning management system functionality for nurse managers and educators to assign, track, and manage skills and test nursing staff.

  • A tool for nurse administrators to post and manage announcements and alerts to communicate with staff as part of the daily workflow.

  • Provides interactive functionality with the ability to customise skills for institution-specific protocols and procedures plus linking to the institutions’ online nursing policies and procedures.

  • Benefits recruitment efforts and increases retention by providing valuable resources to make the nurse’s job easier.

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Mosby's Nursing Skills