PharmaPendium gives access to a unique, searchable database of information extracted from FDA and EMA Drug Approval Documents, Adverse Event reports (FAERS), and FDA Advisory Committee meeting reports. By providing the regulatory context of drug development precedents, PharmaPendium supports pre-clinical safety study design, drug safety assessments of lead candidates for their prioritization, and the development of risk mitigation and management strategies for clinical trials.

Thanks to regular content updates, PharmaPendium gives researchers the most recent information on drugs. PharmaPendium users can:

  • Search for drug safety information from over 4200 FDA and EMA Approved Drug Packages by drug name, drug class, target, chemical structure, or adverse event.
  • Leverage precedent information to develop pre-clinical study designs and streamline communication with regulatory agencies.
  • Export drug safety, pharmacokinetic and metabolizing enzyme data directly into modeling or analytical tools to help better understand potential translational and clinical outcomes.
  • Support lead candidate selection and risk management decisions with translational information from the extensive regulatory-based evidence database.
  • Access a unique and growing content database, including documents that have never been published elsewhere, with over 5 million adverse events reports, data on 4200 drugs, and 2.5 million pages of FDA and EMA documentation. Furthermore, PharmaPendium includes 2.9 million lines of data on pharmacokinetics, metabolizing enzymes and transporters, and drug safety.

PharmaPendium is essential for:

  • Toxicologists
  • Safety pharmacologists
  • Regulatory affairs specialists
  • Information specialists
  • Pharmacovigilance specialists
  • Researchers doing DMPK/ADME work (drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics/absporbtion, distribution, metabolism and excretion)

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