Increasing the speed and efficiency of chemistry research at any stage of the R&D cycle means getting to market faster. When researchers have easy access to lab-ready experimental data and procedures, accurate information to inform synthesize-or-purchase decisions, and relevant answers to a whole range of chemistry questions, the whole R&D process improves.

Reaxys and Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry are two powerful chemistry research solutions that provide that speed and efficiency.

Reaxys covers every field of chemistry with a comprehensive and highly indexed database containing over 500 million published experimental facts about over 55 million organic, inorganic and organometallic compounds. From drug development to oil and gas research, Reaxys supports the full chemistry workflow with functions and data to cover every stage of the R&D process from idea to synthesis.
Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry is the world’s largest and best-organized medicinal chemistry database, with normalized bioactivity data on 5.1 million unique substances and 9,200 druggable targets. It is designed to support researchers in making connections between compounds, targets and bioactivity, allowing rapid early-stage drug candidate assessment.

Reaxys and Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry are available as separate products or together as a fully integrated solution accessible through a single, streamlined user interface.
  • Use Reaxys and Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry together to maximize your research capabilities in early-stage drug discovery and drug candidate synthesis
  • If in-depth bioactivity data is not part of your research, use Reaxys alone and focus on chemical structures, properties, reactions and synthesis
  • If your researchers have a strict focused on bioactivity data, use Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry alone for its unique, comprehensive bioactivity database

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