Elsevier Performance Manager

Today, Elsevier is helping more than 1,300 hospitals and healthcare organisations improve performance through education and training with Elsevier Performance Manager – a proven learning management system that provides unrivaled flexibility by offering self-paced, anytime/anywhere education and single-screen access to all continuing education activities, schedules and records.
Elsevier Performance Manager can help evaluate core competencies, and aid in establishing and delivering comprehensive plans to address knowledge and skill gaps for staff in nursing and health professions, financial and health information management staff, and even organisational leadership. 
Moreover, adding content from Mosby’s Skills, Mosby’s eLearning, or Revenue Cycle eLearning, rounds out the solution to create the industry’s most powerful education solution. With Elsevier Performance Manager, you’ll achieve real, tangible results. 
Our solutions support more than 2.5m active learners and include integrated health delivery networks, hospitals, academic institutions and federal government facilities.

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