HESI is the leading provider of preparation, testing, and remediation products for helping students in nursing and health professions programmes confidently pass their licensure exams and transition their knowledge and clinical reasoning skills into professional practice.   HESI’s comprehensive end-to-end solution enables educators to analyse student performance from admission to an educational programme, at key points throughout the curriculum and at the end of the programme to gauge readiness for licensure exams. 

Every HESI exam includes targeted online remediation based on trusted content from Elsevier’s world-class textbooks. Remediation is customised to address each student’s unique knowledge deficits and offers reporting capabilities for monitoring student remediation progress. 

HESI provides detailed diagnostic reports for both students and educators, offering comprehensive synopses of each student’s exam performance and institutional data on overall programme performance.  This data can be used to identify content gaps in a curriculum, support and guide curriculum revisions, document achievement of programme goals and assist in gathering programme statistics for accreditation visits. 

Experienced professionals in the industry write all HESI tests to ensure currency of topics and data. Exams are nationally normed and statistically analysed. This ensures they will be valid and reliable indicators of student preparedness. HESI exams are the only testing products with more than 30 published, peer reviewed articles. The content spans a decade of research that supports the validity and and reliability of the exams.

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