The InteractElsevier series blends tradition and technology by utilizing 3D virtual reality and advanced gaming technology to bring Netter's anatomy images to life.

  • Immerse students in a realistic environment for virtual dissection and complete exploration of human anatomy
  • Delve deep into the smallest detail with an easy-to-use, interactive interface that allows you to rotate, zoom, manipulate, peel, select, hide/unhide, label and much more
  • Help students master spatial relationships with the ability to put the entire human body together and take it apart
  • View actual Netter art that has been digitized and texture-mapped to 3D models
  • Create and save particular views for presentations aligned with your lectures and labs

The InteractElsevier series includes:

  • Netter's 3D Interactive Virtual Anatomy: Stereo 3D Virtual Reality System
  • Netter's 3D Interactive Anatomy: Professional Edition Online
  • Elsevier's 3D Interactive Anatomy Featuring Gray's Anatomy Images

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