Sim Chart

Sim Chart is Elsevier’s simulated Electronic Health Record (EHR) specifically developed as an active learning tool for nursing students.  Designed to help students think like professional nurses, Sim Chart exposes students to everyday tasks they will encounter in the workplace and allows them to practice documenting, monitoring, and analysing patient care in an interactive, safe learning environment.

SimChart is...

  • fully web-based and HIPAA compliant
  • built on Elsevier's world-class, evidence-based content loaded with pre-built unfolding case studies
  • equipped with comprehensive instructor support
  • designed for use in the classroom, simulation lab, and clinical setting
  • integrated with clinical decision support tools

Sim Chart is modeled on actual EHR software used in hospitals and medical offices, giving students the foundation they need to be successful in today’s modern healthcare environment. 

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