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In Scientific, Technical & Medical markets, we provide information, analytics and tools to help customers make decisions that improve scientific and healthcare outcomes.

Elsevier is the world’s leading provider of scientific, technical and medical information serving scientists, health professionals and students worldwide. Its objective is to help its customers advance science and improve healthcare by providing world-class content, analytics and decision tools that enable them to make critical decisions, enhance productivity and improve outcomes.

Elsevier serves the needs of scientific, technical and medical markets by organising the review, editing and disseminating of primary research, reference and education content, as well as by providing a range of database and decision tools. Elsevier’s customers are scientists, academic institutions, educators, research leaders and administrators, medical researchers, doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and students, as well as hospitals, research institutions, health insurers, managed healthcare organisations, research-intensive corporations and governments.

All of these customers rely on Elsevier to provide high-quality content and critical information for making scientific and medical decisions; review, edit, disseminate and preserve research findings; and create innovative tools to help focus research strategies, increase research effectiveness, improve medical outcomes, and enhance the efficiency of healthcare and healthcare education.

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