Book Aid International

Book Aid International is the UK’s leading book provision and library development charity working in sub-Saharan Africa. They believe everyone should have the opportunity to read and to improve their life chances through access to information and books. With the support of book donors, they supply brand new books to around 2,600 libraries across Africa, including libraries in cities, slums, rural areas, schools, colleges and universities, prisons, hospitals and refugee camps. The charity sent over one million books to libraries in Africa in 2016 alone.
RELX Group and Book Aid International have been partners for over 20 years, and our company remains the charity’s largest provider of medical books. In 2016, RELX Group donated a total of 57,972 books, helping give more people the opportunity to access brand new, relevant books in areas where information resources and books may not be readily available. A group of ten RELX Group employees had the opportunity to visit in Cameroon in 2014 to see some of the work RELX has supported there over a number of years.
2016 Partnership highlights
Book provision
Two container-loads of bulk stock health science books donated by Elsevier US will be used to support 30 of the charity’s partners. Of these, five orders were despatched to partners in Ethiopia, Kenya and Malawi.
In addition, Elsevier donated nearly 7000 books  Book Aid International’s partners in Tanzania, which included a number of community libraries.
In 2016, BAI welcomed two groups of RE Cares volunteers to their London warehouse who helped stamp and pack books ready for shipment; colleagues from the RELX Government Affairs team stamped the millionth book to be sent by Book Aid International to partners in 2016.
Book Aid International received an RE Cares grant of $15,000 to help five schools  participating in their Cameroon Inspiring Readers school libraries programme . The funds allow each school to receive Book Box Libraries containing 1,250 brand new books, as well as specialist training for two teachers from each school to help the educators bring the books to life in the classroom. Approximately 4,000 school children will benefit from the donation
Book Aid International also received donations from across RELX Group in the year.