Internal engagement

We involve some 750 colleagues throughout the Group in our CR activities through networks such as the Accessibility Working Group; CR as a Sales Tool Working Group; Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Group and Working Group; Editorial Policy Working Group; Environmental Champions Network; Health and Safety Champions; Quality First Principles Working Group; RE Cares Champions; and the Socially Responsible Supplier Group, among others. They reach thousands of people across the company. Our internal audit function provides regular reviews of our CR governance, reporting and supply chain activities, highlighting areas where we are performing well, along with suggestions for improvement.

During 2015, we undertook a global Employee Opinion Survey, and also conducted pulse surveys to understand and respond to employee views. We offered CR-related activities to all staff including the annual Fit2Win wellness competition, and held an annual Global Book Drive during RE Cares Month in September. Local-level Green Teams organised environmental events throughout the year, in addition to special activities for World Environment Day, which was highlighted in a communication sent to all employees by the CFO. We promoted CR as a Sales Tool, a resource on our global intranet, on the benefits of discussing CR issues with clients.