As we state in the Our people section of, “Our success is due to the talented employees who make RELX Group the trusted organisation it is today: people like researchers, developers, editors, event managers, designers, publishers, lawyers and many more besides. We depend on them and they, quite rightly, depend on us to create a fair, challenging, rewarding and supportive work environment where they can achieve their potential.”

Valuing our approximately 30,000 people means being an employer of choice, known for best practice in retaining and recruiting the best staff. Only by attracting and keeping good people – and being acknowledged as a company where they can do their best work – will we be able to achieve our objectives and meet the expectations of our customers and other shareholders.

We ensure our labour and employment policies and practices are compliant with the principles of the UN Global Compact regarding fair and non-discriminatory labour activities. We work closely with our staff/works councils in Europe, the US and elsewhere to engender positive employer/labour relations. We are an equal opportunity employer and are committed to freedom of association and treating all employees and applicants with respect and dignity. In the year, we made presentations on CR to our European Works Council, among others.