Health, safety and wellbeing

The importance of employee health and safety is emphasised in the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct and also in the Health and Safety Policy. These documents commit us to providing a healthy and safe workplace for all employees, as well as safe products and services for clients. The CEO is responsible for health and safety on behalf of the board. Good practice is reinforced through a network of Health and Safety Champions reporting to business unit CEOs. They receive support from health and safety managers and other colleagues in the business, encompassing bi-monthly calls, a Health Resources intranet site and an annual Health and Safety Champions meeting. We consult with employees globally on health and safety through staff and works councils. Adopting a risk-based approach, we have dedicated safety committees at key locations that meet monthly (or as needed) to review safety concerns and any incidents.

In 2015, we continued our efforts to promote work/life balance through our CareConnect and REACH well-being programmes. Designated REACH co-ordinators and Onsite Well-Being Specialists offer employees options for healthy eating, weight loss support, fitness activities, and exercise tips. We also offer employees financial incentives to improve their health through health risk assessments and biometric screenings. Testing can help employees seek early treatment and allows them to make healthy lifestyle adjustments.

CareConnect provides 12,794 active and retired US employees and their families access to a health coach or nurse at any time, and who answer medical or well-being questions and set objectives that can help individuals meet their health goals. In 2015, several thousand calls were fielded by CareConnect, and nearly 3,000 employees enrolled in personal health programmes for assistance with weight loss, diabetes prevention, exercise and smoking cessation.

Health and well-being programmes are now available to more than 24,000 employees around the world, equating to 80% of our employees. In the UK, we have an ongoing programme of occupational health workstation assessments, engaging with employees to redesign workspaces to meet their needs and increase comfort and productivity.