Supply chain

We uphold our values in our supply chain by requiring our suppliers to meet the same high standards we set for our own behaviour.

Suppliers must adhere to all laws, embody and promote best practice in business operations, treat employees well and respect the environment, as indicated in the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact (UNGC) to which we are a signatory.

These principles are reflected in the Supplier Code of Conduct (the Supplier Code), which we ask suppliers to sign and display prominently in the workplace. The Supplier Code contains standards on child labour, involuntary labour, wages, coercion and harassment, non-discrimination, freedom of association, health and safety, environment and anti-corruption. It also precludes retaliation, stating, “Suppliers must not tolerate any retaliation against any employee who makes a good faith report of abuse, intimidation, discrimination, harassment or any violation of law or of this Supplier Code, or who assists in the investigation of any such report.” In 2014, we updated the Supplier Code to specifically prohibit participation in any activity related to human trafficking, based on the American Bar Association’s Model Business Conduct Standards to Eradicate Labor Human Rights Impacts in Hiring and Supply Chain Practices.

The Supplier Code helps suppliers spread best practice through their own supply chain by requiring subcontractors to enter into a written commitment that they will uphold the Supplier Code. The Supplier Code makes clear that where local industry standards are higher than applicable legal requirements, we expect suppliers to meet the higher standards.