Good partner

Maulik Parekh, President & CEO, SPi Global

SP i Global is a leading technology-enabled Business Process Outsourcing (BPO ) solutions provider; we design, enrich and manage digital content and customer relationships to allow our clients to focus on growing their core business. SP i Global has more than 22,000 employees across five continents.

We share a proud history with the RELX Group, spanning almost the entire existence of SPi Global. Our company was founded in 1980; we started working with RELX in 1982.

By 2002, our partnership was handling the world’s largest digitisation project, processing more than 40 million pages for Elsevier’s online database ScienceDirect. Now, in 2016, our relationship has only grown stronger, with 2,300 SPi Global professionals dedicated to providing RELX with higher-value end-to-end BPO solutions.

That’s well over three decades, delivering top-calibre information solutions for the world, together. I believe our partnership works because RELX Group and SPi Global share a fundamental value: in the Philippines, where SPi Global is headquartered, we call this malasakit, which means deep care and compassion. Both our companies always strive to make a difference: in the lives of our personnel, clients and communities.

Just as RELX Group is committed to the personal development of every employee, we invest a lot in opportunities for growth for our people. Our E3 (Enhancing Employee Engagement) programme – which won us a “Best Company to Work for in Asia” citation in 2015 – offers training and development; health and safety activities; sports, arts and recreation; and avenues for contributing improvement ideas and engaging family and friends in the company's sustainability priorities.

Our annual CSR Day is a source of pride for our people, and strengthens our community relationships. In four years of promoting youth welfare and education, we’ve delivered 187,736 employee volunteer hours, benefiting 56,500 children across our 21 global locations. Our ethical practices have merited the highest recognition from the European Outsourcing Association and the UK-based National Outsourcing Association.

RELX’s Supplier Code of Conduct has made a real difference in the way we do business. It has complemented and bolstered SPi’s best practices, and – in a different language, but driven by our common focus – it is what malasakit is all about.