Across RELX Group

We draw on expertise across the Group to advance initiatives aligned with our unique contributions. In 2015, we supported the launch of Business for the Rule of Law, a global initiative led by the UN Global Compact, which highlights the essential relationship between the rule of law and sustainable development. We hosted 11 consultations, including in Australia, Canada, India, Malaysia, Myanmar, South Africa, Uganda, the UK and the US. The new framework provides a guide to businesses around the world in taking proactive, voluntary actions to support the rule of law in their everyday operations and relationships. It encourages businesses to go beyond compliance with minimum legal requirements. LexisNexis Legal & Professional, along with the Atlantic Council, provided the seeds of the initiative, introduced in September 2013 by United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon.

Missing People is a UK charity focused on bringing missing children and adults back together with their families. The organisation uses Risk & Business Analytics tools, including Tracesmart, to help in the search. In the year, we joined the UK National Crime Agency’s Child Rescue Alert Development Board – supported by partners such as Missing People and Amber Alert Europe, which works across 14 European countries to protect endangered missing children – to help spread awareness of a new mobile text service that notifies police forces and members of the public when a child goes missing in a certain location. We have been exploring with Missing People and Amber Alert Europe how our big data expertise can further their work, including by adapting the poster alert service used in the US-based ADAM programme.

In the year, we continued to support Oxfam’s Raising Her Voice project in Nepal, encompassing some 90 community discussion groups across districts in the country’s mid-west region. The discussion groups aim to empower women, helping them develop action plans to address personal, family and community challenges, while training for men aims to create better awareness of gender equality.