LexisNexis Legal & Professional promotes the rule of law through its products and services that enable customers to excel in the practice and business of law, helping justice systems, governments and other businesses to function more effectively and efficiently. It supports transparent legal systems as a fundamental element of a healthy society and growing economy, and clear laws that are easily accessible to all. LexisNexis Legal & Professional further promotes the rule of law through outreach and advocacy, educational forums and free dissemination of, and training on, its legal solutions.

Working with the International Bar Association, LexisNexis Legal & Professional helped launch eyeWitness to Atrocities in 2015 – an app that allows citizens to securely and verifiably report human rights atrocities so that the information can serve as evidence in law courts. Now, anyone with an Android-enabled smartphone – from journalists and investigators to affected citizens – can download the free app and help bring perpetrators to account for crimes against humanity, including torture and war crimes. eyeWitness utilises the same technology LexisNexis Legal & Professional deploys to safeguard sensitive and confidential material for its clients.

In the year, LexisNexis Legal & Professional partnered with the Attorney General’s Office in the Maldives to consolidate, translate and publish the laws of the Maldives and make them available in both printed and online format to citizens and the international community. The Maldives government, lacking the necessary resources, had been struggling with the project: to print laws up to 2015 in the country’s national language, Dhivehi, and then translate these into English and create a bilingual online legal research website to make the laws easy to access, understand and apply. Colleagues from the Kuala Lumpur office provided a series of training and knowledge-sharing workshops for the Maldives Attorney General’s Office on legislation consolidation and structure to ensure sustainable maintenance of the country’s legislation beyond 2015. The team also facilitated introductions between the Maldives Attorney General’s Office and the Malaysian Attorney General’s Chambers, parliamentary representatives and the judiciary. As a result, partnerships were formed that will support future legislative drafting in the Maldives.