Culture and community

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To us, contributing to our global communities is both an opportunity and a responsibility. It helps us inspire our own people, help others in need, and meet our obligations. Through our global community programme, RE Cares, we engage with communities to really make a difference by volunteering and giving. RE Cares is managed by a global network of RE Cares Champions.

What do we focus on? Primarily, education for disadvantaged young people that furthers one or more of our unique contributions as a business – such as universal, sustainable access to information. RE Cares activities range from reading support programmes and charity fundraising initiatives to donations of time and services. A key component of RE Cares is Two Days, a programme through which all employees are given two days off per year for volunteer work of their own choosing.


RE Cares Month spotlights global community involvement and takes place each September.

Meet our people

Meet our people

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