Training and development

Personal development planning

Everybody in the company takes part in the annual Personal Development Programme (PDP), which reviews skills and performance and identifies opportunities for recognition and advancement. The PDP is also the primary tool for assessing and planning employee training. In 2010, we invested over $27.5 million in training (including courses, seminars, one-on-one instruction, and tuition reimbursement) to develop the capabilities and future potential of our people.

Skills development

We know that one of the key measures of personal job satisfaction is the ability to make a meaningful contribution to the business. To do so, people need the right skills and the confidence to take on new challenges as they present themselves. Working with our e-learning partner, Skillsoft, we make a wealth of resources available to our employees for both job-specific and general development training. Other online training includes access to sites like Skillport and Future Innovation Institute which offer a wide range of courses.

Business Leadership Programme

Our business needs a steady supply of proven performers who are able to thrive in leadership roles and take us to the next level. When our leaders of the future begin managing entire functions or businesses, they face increasingly complex challenges and competing demands.

The RELX Group Business Leadership Programme is designed specifically to help these individuals as the scope of their role increases, their business responsibilities grow and their influence over others in the company expands.

We want every senior leader in RELX Group to have a firm grounding in the skills and behaviours needed to master this role. These skills include everything from strategic thinking and how to manage the managers to really understanding the financial aspects of the business, managing in a matrix organisation, setting priorities, and making trade-offs.

This intensive programme includes two off-site sessions (led by RELX Group leaders and a faculty drawn from prestigious academic institutions and leading consultants in the Learning and Development field) and participation in an online community.

Strategic Leadership Programme

Developing exceptional leaders is a serious business. This programme, run in partnership with Harvard Business School, is designed to support those who have the potential and the talent to rise to the very top.

Every year, following some intensive prep work, a select group of our leaders pack their bags and head to Harvard for a week-long immersion in a curriculum that's been designed specifically for people like them, working in our particular industry and facing the precise challenges we face. Harvard faculty members deliver customised content through case studies, interactive sessions and group seminars on topics such as strategy, finance, customer focus, leadership and innovation.

A key benefit of the Harvard programme lies in the rich opportunities it creates to interact with other senior leaders and peers, leading to personal and professional development.

And it doesn't end when the week is over – participants return to their day jobs with fresh ideas to apply in their businesses, and new contacts to consult with from across RELX Group.

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