Meet our people

What qualities identify somebody as an ideal RELX Group person? In truth, our people are enormously diverse, representing every race, culture and background. But what they all have in common is commitment, energy, passion and a love of you can find out in this section.

  • JC Heynecke

    JC Heynecke

    Director of business development for S&T sales, Elsevier (Science & Technology)

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  • Maxim Khan

    Maxim Khan

    Product Development Director, Elsevier

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  • Tracey Aiken

    Tracey Aiken

    Vice president operations, Insurance Data Solutions, LexisNexis Risk Solutions

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  • Tom Sayers

    Tom Sayers

    Programme and project manager, RELX Group

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  • Elena Lozado

    Elena Lozada

    Senior consultant, customer support, LexisNexis Legal & Professional

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