Our scientific, technical and medical (STM) primary publications, like those of most of our competitors, are published largely on a paid subscription basis. There is debate in the government, academic and library communities – the principal customers for our STM publications – regarding whether such publications should be funded instead through fees charged to authors or authors’ funders and/or made freely available after a period following publication. If these methods of STM publishing are widely adopted or mandated, it could affect our revenue from paid subscription publications.

We engage extensively with stakeholders in the STM community to better understand their needs and deliver value to them. We are open to serving them under any payment model that can sustainably provide researchers with the critical information they require. We focus on integrity and quality of research through the editorial and peer review process; we invest in efficient editorial and distribution platforms, and in innovative tools and platforms to make content and data more accessible and actionable; and we ensure vigilance on plagiarism and long-term preservation of research findings.