Responding to customer needs

Our value Customer focus means that we listen to customers. In 2015, we surveyed more than 475,000 customers through Net Promoter Score (NPS) (measuring customer loyalty) and business dashboard programmes. This deepens our understanding of their needs and drives a customer-centric culture across the Group. Results, reviewed by the CEO and senior managers and communicated to staff, highlight where we are doing well and where we must do better.

At Elsevier, NPS results are shared quarterly with all staff; when opportunities for improvement are identified, they are empowered to make changes. The focus on constant improvement has led to a 19-point improvement since 2007 in the NPS score from authors, based on responses from approximately 50,000 authors each year.

Elsevier utilises a comprehensive customer dashboard approach to customer satisfaction. Ongoing customer input is analysed and reported by Elsevier’s Research and Academic Relations Department to all staff on the Elsevier intranet with simple green (performing better than competition), yellow (performing the same as competition) and red (performing worse than competition) scoring by customer type and product (e.g., for journal authors, metrics include refereeing and production speed and quality). Increasingly available in real time, the dashboard helps embed customer views into daily workflows to ensure customer focus and responsiveness.